Reader Input: Picking A CMS – Part 1

Reader Input: Picking A CMS – Part 1

In The Series Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Define The Problem In the past, I’ve done some freelance Web Development and Web Design for different clients. One question I’ve always had to ask myself is: How will the user be updating this website? That question is usually preempted by a question to the client: Do you have any HTML experience? I can count (on one hand) the number of times that I’ve heard a yes to this question.

Why My WordPress 2.7 Install “Failed”

Now, it’s no secret that I can be a moron sometimes, but I’d like to put it on record that it was all me and not WordPress 2.7 that had the issue. So I’m sitting here last night minding my own business and Chris Coyier sends out a tweet talking about how it took him 10 minutes to upgrade. So I figure, why not? I already had the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin ready to go, so I figured it would be a breeze.

WordPress 2.5 – The Vista of Blog Platforms

So it’s been about a weeks since it was out, so I figure, why not? After all I have the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin, so this should be a breeze. Now this plugin makes upgrading WordPress ridiculously simple. It handles file backups, database backups, deactivating and reactivating all plugins, etc. So I go through the process and I’m not totally disappointed. There were the normal problems we have with all upgrades and some new ones:

New Domain:, New Focus: Frameworks, CakePHP, Javascript, Web 2.0

New Domain I has finally occurred to me that I should have gotten my own domain name a long time ago. Really, I don’t know what I was waiting for, but it was about time. Since my focus is Web 2.0, was an obvious choice. I’ve already written about moving wordpress to a different domain, so moving to this domain was walk in the park. I loaded up PhpMyAdmin and exported my database.

Clever Dude – 50 Tips for New Personal Finance Bloggers That Web Designers Can Learn From

After reading this post, I have come to the conclusion that Web Developers can learn a lot from this. I cannot over stress the importance of number seven (7) and eight (8): Everyone suggests researching webhosting companies, but for your first year, just use a web host that can get the job done. I use Dreamhost, and its fine except for the 20,000+ visit days … If youre serious about your site, get your own domain name that somewhat relates to your topic (obviously cleverdude.

Splogs (Spam Blogs) From Mailing Lists – This One’s New To Me

Now, I’m going to be deliberately vague because I don’t to give this blogger any traffic. This is what happened. I developed a new a interest lately. As a result, I was looking for a blog that I could use as a reference. All my searches returned this one blog. The name of the blog was specific to the actual topic. I went on the blog and to my dismay, I saw post after post which looked like emails from a mailing list.

How To Make PayPerPost and Google Adsense Play Nice – MightyAdsense Plugin Hack

MightyAdsense - Automatically Inject Ads The MightyAdsense Plugin has many useful options. You can store up to 10 different sets of ads for various locations on your blog. You can insert them into your template by calling one simple function instead of having to paste entire code snippets for the ads. Since all your code for the ads are stored in WordPress, it makes changing the format of an ad a breeze.

WordPress Widgets

Now I know I’m late, very late. But I finally decided to find out what all the fuss was about. The great thing about Widgets is that you can drag them all over the place. Of course, they are made for the sidebar, but you can reorder them however you like or just remove them. And the great thing is removing doesn’t mean deleting. They are there to be reused at your whim and fancy.

FeedBurner + Google search cache = Instant Blog Back Up

Recently, I’ve had a problem with a blog that I manage. Due to a server issue, the database was totally screwed up. It was weird. The first thing I noticed is that the posts for the last five (5) or so days were gone. I thought that some absent minded tech had inadvertently restored a previous backup. Then I noticed that not only posts were gone, but some settings reverted back to their original values.