WordPress 2.5 – The Vista of Blog Platforms

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So it’s been about a weeks since it was out, so I figure, why not? After all I have the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin, so this should be a breeze. Now this plugin makes upgrading WordPress ridiculously simple. It handles file backups, database backups, deactivating and reactivating all plugins, etc.

So I go through the process and I’m not totally disappointed. There were the normal problems we have with all upgrades and some new ones:

  • Theme Issues: This only happened on one of my blogs. Heck, it’s an old theme, so that’s to be expected. The widgets didn’t quite work right, but it was fixable.
  • Plugin Issues: Of course there will be those. Some plugins haven’t been updated yet, some just required me to update them. And with the new plugin update feature, it was quite easy to fix these problems. Then, there are some plugins I just had to totally disable, but upgrades for these are coming out everyday. I’m down to one old plugin that hasn’t been updated yet.
  • Admin Changes: They decided to redesign the way the administrative section looks and operates. They moved around some stuff in Write section to make it cleaner. But by far, the worst thing they did is switch to a fixed width format; ugh. But nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a quick plugin (Remove Max Width).
  • Image Stuff: There is a multi-image Flash uploader and some new gallery features, but I’m not a big picture guy, so

Should Have Waited for Service Pack 1

Everything looks all nice and slick, but after a few days I began to regret my choice. The way images have been inserted is rather different: You need to click media button, the click Gallery, then click and image, then click Insert Into Post. Once you’ve done that, the media window closes. Some people are pissed by this new change since it makes inserting multiple images a pain in the ass. That stupid media window isn’t exactly light on resources.

Now this is when it does work. There are three (3) blogs that I manage and for some ridiculous reason, the Insert Into Post button does me the great pleasure of clearing the media window, hence I can’t insert any of my images. I’ve Googled this issue and some people point to problematic plugins and such. The funny thing is, I event went the step of deactivating all plugins on the blog, with no success. So WordPress 2.5, what gives? Using Firebug I’ve been able to catch the error that happens:

uncaught exception: Permission denied to get property Window.send_to_editor

I guess I was too eager. Hopefully, someone is rapidly working on 2.5.1.