Clever Dude – 50 Tips for New Personal Finance Bloggers That Web Designers Can Learn From

After reading this post, I have come to the conclusion that Web Developers can learn a lot from this.

I cannot over stress the importance of number seven (7) and eight (8):

  • Everyone suggests researching webhosting companies, but for your first year, just use a web host that can get the job done. I use Dreamhost, and its fine except for the 20,000+ visit days …

  • If youre serious about your site, get your own domain name that somewhat relates to your topic (obviously doesnt relate to finances). Jim recommends, but …

A good domain name is essential to any website. Take your time when picking one. The same goes for a host. I would definitely go with reviews for this. Resist the urge to go with advertising or price solely. I made that mistake and I’m currently riding out my contract so, hopefully, I’ll be able to move with little problems. Just because a web host is advertised in your favorite magazine doesn’t mean that it’s the better deal.

If you’re a blogger, this is a definite read. If you’re a web designer, scan through the list and extract those that apply.

Source: 50 Tips for New Personal Finance Bloggers [Clear Dude]