Fast CGI

Yahoo Using FastCGI for Moveable Type

Yahoo recently introduced a new service to their Yahoo! Web Hosting. It’s the popular blogging package, Movable Type. One of the features listed for Movable Types is: Speed - Use of FastCGI makes the Movable Type experience on Yahoo! Web hosting services the fastest on the web With the speed of development of PHP, ASP, and other server side technology, it was interesting to see a company, the likes of Yahoo!

Ajax Server Initiated Server Calls

I believe that I now need to rethink the Ajax sequence on the project I am working on for work. As it stands, I had to do some interesting tinkering to make things work and emulate the console side properly. A normal sequence of GETs and POSTs would have been sufficient, except I needed something to handle server pushes. In the console application, there are some instances like popup boxes. Eg.

Fast CGI Installation

After days of configuring and reconfiguring, I have finally gotten the sequence down for a Fast CGI installation. Please note, these instructions are specifically for a fresh install of Fedora Core 4. This is what I’ve been working with, for distribution purposes. You may generalize the instructions where applicable of course. And as always, proceed at you own risk. Here we go (Italics indicate my personal settings): Run the following command at the prompt: `yum -y install httpd-devel` You may also download the RPM, or if you're really adventurous, build it from the source.

AJAX and Fast CGI

Here’s a little intro what I’ve been working on at my Job for the past couple months. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML for web development. Basically you use a some JavaScript to get down below the browser level and control HTTP “GET"s and “POST"s and stuff like that. It’s used by stuff like Google Maps and Google Suggest and GMail. What it enables is basically background activity without the user’s knowledge.