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Welcome to my Web Development blog.

First of all let me give an introduction. The name is Kevin A. Lloyd, from a small island in the Caribbean called the Commonwealth of Dominica. Since the age of 12, I realized that in some way, shape or form Computers we going to be a key aspect in my future; both personally and professionally. I started programing in Turbo Pascal 7.0 ages ago. From then I’ve moved on to Visual Basic, C++, and C#. I’ve also done some scripting such as JavaScript, PHP, etc.

I have come to consider myself a web developer. This blog is the result of the past six (6) months, when I really got into web development.

Here we cover some main topics, which I have gained experience with lately.

  • There is, of course, Joomla that spawns from the late Mambo CMS. I’ve used this on some sites that I have deployed for some of my clients.
  • There is phpBB, which is a forum software that I’ve used a lot on some sites I’ve been working with.
  • SMF is another forum software I use from time to time
  • At work, I’ve gotten into contact with Fact CGI, which is a C based form of internet programming that allows for a CGI program to run continually on the server side.
  • Working with Fast CGI has slowly brought me into the world of Ajax and helped me gain a greater understanding of Web 2.0

These are the experiences that I’m going to share with you.