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OK, now this is really cool. If you ask me it’s a beautiful use of AJAX. Pick a category Search Click on an item and get a pop up with details Click and Drag items to the shopping cart on the right Yep, that’s it. The name fits great. There is absolutely none of the clutter that you get from Amazon’s main website. This site deserves a lot more than what it’s getting right now.

How To Make PayPerPost and Google Adsense Play Nice – MightyAdsense Plugin Hack

MightyAdsense - Automatically Inject Ads The MightyAdsense Plugin has many useful options. You can store up to 10 different sets of ads for various locations on your blog. You can insert them into your template by calling one simple function instead of having to paste entire code snippets for the ads. Since all your code for the ads are stored in WordPress, it makes changing the format of an ad a breeze.

Spell Out a Detailed Contract

contract.jpgIn the world of web design you often come across people who don’t exactly know what they want. And that is usually a good thing for you because you can then charge them for the minimum and increase based on “added features”, which they should have seen up front, but they don’t always. This has the slight problem of having a contract with an indefinite time period.

A time period is usually scheduled for delivery of the product in the contract. This ensures the buyer that the product will be delivered in a reasonable time frame so that you don't keep extending the job for not real reason. One thing I've learnt, however, is that you need to also specify a time frame that the user has to review the work and ensure that everything is to his liking. You absolutely need this if you're not charging by the hour.

This is the problem I ran into a couple weeks ago and I’m still trying to get out of. I did a website for this guy a couple months ago. We agreed on a fixed price because it was supposed to be an easy enough job: a nice static layout, not much PHP, a Gallery, etc. A prototype was done in about three days. He was amazed by the quality of the website and had nothing but praise. Everything is good right? Wrong. He now had to burden of supplying content for the website. To make a long story slightly less long, this took a couple of months, and he only supplied pictures for the gallery and content for one of the six pages (not the home page). Now you may be thinking what does that have to do with me if the guy’s website

is empty, he paid for a design and that’s what he got right? Well I would agree with you there, but the problem was he had not yet paid the balance on his bill.

Chitika Revenue Dropping?

Darren at mentions a change that Chitika is going through right now. After getting some more information from the Chitika support staff I think I understand what they’re going to do. Some of the text links on the ads are going to be converted to static links to the advertiser’s product description. From my understanding the links in the tabs (Best Deals, Search, etc) will still count toward your click through.

Chitika Ads

You might have seen ads on this site that deal with stuff like computers, ipods, game consoles, cameras, etc. These are ads by Chitika. Chitika is the latest company to jump on board the whole website advertisement band wagaon, but the difference is they, unlike a lot of others, do it very well. Here we go: You choose from various sizes of ads and you give it a list of keywords for which the ads will rotate for.