Finally Graduating – I’m Done

The day has finally come. Well, it’s tomorrow, but you know what I mean. I am done, done, done, done, done! Words cannot express the joy and elation I feel right now. Throughout the semester I knew this day was coming. I mean, how could I not graduate. But there were just things that made it rather difficult to be happy about. Every time I mention graduation to someone we have the same conversation:

  • Person: So you’re graduating in December?
  • Me: Yep.
  • Person: So you must be really excited, huh?
  • Me: I guess so.
  • Person: So what are you going to do afterwards?
  • Me (Thinking): How the hell should I know? Do you have a rich uncle that owns a company and is willing to give me a job? Because I sure haven’t been successful on the millions of interviews I’ve gone to. Shoot, I guess I’m going to end up working in the mall selling women’s shoes or something.
  • Me (Actual response): I’m not sure. I guess try to find a job.

One Down Two To Go

OK, So I’ve just gotten done with my Algebraic Structures (Part 1) final exam. Yes, Part 1. It was supposedly designed to help us in that the in-class portion does not contain any proofs. The result is instead of having one normal sized test taking up just 2 hours, we have one in-class portion that was really difficult and took one and a half hours; and one take-home portion that is full of proofs that is going to take about eight hours.

Numerical Analysis – Take Home Exam II

It is now 12:56 AM and I'm putting the finishing touches on my Take Home Exam for Numerical Analysis. When is it due you may ask. No, you're wrong, it's not due tomorrow at 8:00 AM. It's due at 11:00 AM, so there :). Yes, it’s due in a couple of hours. Did I just start it? Come on now, no I didn’t. I’ve just been procrastinating in finishing the last question.