New Domain:, New Focus: Frameworks, CakePHP, Javascript, Web 2.0

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New Domain

I has finally occurred to me that I should have gotten my own domain name a long time ago. Really, I don’t know what I was waiting for, but it was about time. Since my focus is Web 2.0, was an obvious choice. I’ve already written about moving wordpress to a different domain, so moving to this domain was walk in the park. I loaded up PhpMyAdmin and exported my database. Pulled up Notepad++ and did a search and replace for my old URL to the new one. Saved the file, zipped it back up, and uploaded it to the server. Since I usually deal with large databases, I didn’t even bother trying to load into PhpMyAdmin. Bigdump is now my favorite database importer for MySQL.

Finally, I loaded up the .htaccess file on the old domain name and slapped in a RewriteRule with a 301 redirect to And Viola, here we have‚ WordPress‚ blog perfectly redirected, without losing a single inbound link. Sure, the Page Rank on the domain name is 0 (for now), but with a name like Web Development, it won’t be for long.

New Focus

I must admit, that when I started this blog I was only vaguely interested in web development and web design. My interests usually hop about like that. I started this blog when AJAX hit the scene. It was the next hottest thing and the birth of Web 2.0. However, coding AJAX, although not difficult, was tedious. And we all know, I don’t like tedium.

Lately, things have gotten a bit more serious, with respect to my interests in web development. But, I’m no less lazy. As a result, my focus (and hence the focus of this blog) is going to shift slightly. Many of you will not notice, but those of you who have been paying attention will see that something has changed. I’ve come to learn the beauty of web development frameworks, such as CakePHP for PHP (duh), Protoype and JQuery for Javascript and AJAX, and even Blueprint for CSS. Don’t worry, if you haven’t heard of any of these, you soon will. Being as lazy as I am, the DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself)‚ principle naturally has you gravitating towards frameworks. If someone else; not just someone else, but an entire team of people, work on product for months and even years, I tend to think that they’ve done a better job than I ever code.

This is the new focus of my blog and I hope I don’t lose any of you guys and can bring greater quality and relevance to the things you read here.