Do We Not Understand What Bias Means?

Somehow I don’t think most people understood what my bias comparison of CakePHP vs Ruby on rails meant. The last few visitors to comments seem to have been Rails fans. One of them seems to think that I shouldn’t touch Ruby on Rails with a ten foot pole and should stick with CakePHP. He doesn’t want someone like me in their community. The other comment, I get the opposite vibe from. He strikes me as a PHP fan, who thinks I’m too lazy for the PHP community.

To all the folks that haven’t seem to understand my whole objective, let me help you guys out. I have general interests in a lot of areas and I also work a 9 to 5 job. So I don’t really have the time and dedication required to poor my heart and sole into everything that comes along. I do a brief overview of something before I spend tons of time delving into it. People are pissed that I’m comparing CakePHP to Ruby on Rails and haven’t even tried it yet. This is where the brief overview comes in; I took a quick look and realized that for what I was doing at the time, Ruby on Rails would have been more trouble that it was worth.

Furthermore, the title of the post said “Bais Look”. I state all the reasons, why I pick CakePHP. The first one is that I’m lazy. Again, whatever I do is for a purpose. Other than general interests, I just don’t have time to sit and pour over every framework. Where does it end? CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, etc? I’m not an overactive hobbyist. I take a quick look at things that spark my general interests, then figure out how to make the best of use of them. But I’m aware that a lot of people have different opinions and people are passionate about their opinions. So, you guys are excused :).

With that said, I’m sorry to disappoint either the CakePHP or Ruby on Rails community (depending on how you look at it, lol). I’ve started a project lately, for which I think I required the stability, establishment, and huge resource of plugins, etc that Ruby on Rails has to offer. Also, they got a a few books and it never hurts to broaden your horizons. At least when I mention Ruby on Rails to a potential employer, they’ll know what I’m talking about. But regardless of what you like, what you’re passionate about, or why you use what you use; remember this: No One Cares. It’s all about what you do with it.