I Think I Owe IE 6 An Apology, Nah.

I had some downtime tonight (well not really, but I figure that was a good form of procrastination) so I decided to take a quick look into my blog and see what the issue was with Internet Explorer 6.0 and my sidebar.

It turns out, as you may already know, that I’m an idiot. It wasn’t totally the browser’s fault. I was migrating (patching heavily) this theme from a dynamic/fluid width to a fixed width and I made a dumb mistake. I wouldn’t call it a mistake, but rather something that should have been avoided, knowing how finicky IE is.

I left all my widths for content and the sidebar as percentages instead of converting them to fixed pixels. Thinking about it now, I don’t understand why it doesn’t work in IE, but learning Internet Explorer 6.0 CSS rules is like learning to speak Klingon : You probably could if you really wanted to, but what’s the point?

I also failed to mention that I had an Adsense unit at the bottom for which I forgot to do a clear: both.

So IE 6, although I do owe you an apology, I’ll be wrong and strong as we say in Dominica, or just being an ignorant, stubborn fool. After all, I have a very good argument: It worked in Firefox and it worked in IE 7, so what’s your problem IE 6.0? Huh?