I Hate Internet Explorer 6.0 Even More

After all the trouble I went through making sure my theme works in Internet Explorer 7, you’d think that would be all right? Nope.

Last night I had some problems trying to get Ubuntu on my computer. One of the steps involved restoring a previous disk image I had on when I just installed Windows XP. I usually back things up and restore this image every few months. It’s bare, clean and very fast. All that’s included are drivers, 7-Zip, Notepad++, Firefox and Internet Explorer 6.0.

I wanted to check the position of some new ad blocks I put up on the site, so I pulled it up in Internet Explorer 6. To my dismay, but no surprise, my theme looked horrible; the sidebar was all pushed way down on the right.

What can you do at this point? I just sighed and forgot about it.

So I’ll take this time to apologize to the 6.3714% of my visitors that are cursed with Internet Explorer 6.0. I’ll try to fix it when/if I get some downtime.