Chitika Ads

You might have seen ads on this site that deal with stuff like computers, ipods, game consoles, cameras, etc. These are ads by Chitika. Chitika is the latest company to jump on board the whole website advertisement band wagaon, but the difference is they, unlike a lot of others, do it very well.

Here we go: You choose from various sizes of ads and you give it a list of keywords for which the ads will rotate for. They pay every month to your Paypal account as long as you have accumulated more that $10.00. If not, the payment is defered until you make $10.00.

Daren over at says:

I’ve been getting quite a few excited emails from readers who have signed up for the Chitika eMiniMalls that I reviewed last week. There has been a lot of positive feedback so far from those who I’ve referred over to the program with some people earning some significant money from it so far (including Rachel). There have also been a few (less) emails from bloggers who have failed to see them as effective.

If you have a website/blog, don’t miss out on this. Check out Chitika ads.

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