Yay! WordPress 2.5. Almost Perfect

Now I don’t have to tell you guys about all the goodies that WordPress 2.5 brings, but I’ll name a few anyways:

  • New fresh Admin theme
  • Nice Dashboard
  • You can modify the link for “Incoming Links”. Technorati anyone?
  • Finally included Tag Management
  • Concurrent Post Editing Protection
  • One Click Plugin upgrades. Oh yes. It’s about time.
  • Built in Gallery
  • Nice Flash Media Uploader

There’s just ONE thing that rubs me the wrong way.

They’ve gone an given the admin theme a fixed width layout, designed for a 1024px monitor. Why, WordPress, why? This is really a pain, after I decided to get (not one, but) two 19" Wide Screen LCD monitors. Luckily, there’s a plugin that puts things back into perspective.