What Has Your Domain Been Up To

skeleton.gifDoes your domain have skeletons in the closet? We know that there is a lot of domain parking going on out there. People simply buy up a ton of domain names, sit on them for a while and see whether or not they can make a quick buck off of them. When domains expire they then go back into the market and are up for sale again. What you need to make sure of is that the domain that you buy has not been involved in any shady business. This came come in the form of simple ads or even porn. You may think your domain name is very clever and relates well to you, but do you really want DirtySanchez.com just because your name is Sanchez?

How do you safeguard yourself? You can check out the domain’s history. Way Back Machine can give you some insight into the history of your domain. Type in a domain name and if it’s been alive long enough you get a list of snapshots taken throughout its life.