Web Development 2.0 Carnival – September 8, 2007

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I am proud to present the first edition of Carnival of Web Development 2.0. This is my first time hosting one of these things, so enjoy:


  1. Doug Boude presents DEMYSTIFYING JSON posted at Doug Boude (rhymes with ‘loud’)
  2. sylv3rblade presents Stages of Software Development posted at Atma Xplorer, saying, “My take on the process of software development”
  3. prakash presents A2Z Informative-Technology, Software, Internet, Tips, Ideas posted at A2Z Informative, saying, “Identifying the color code of an image on the screen is not an easy task. Usually it involves a multi step process and is time consuming. But this tool is able to find out HTML, RGB or HEX color of any pixel on the screen with just a single mouse click. This little tool is very useful for webmasters.”
  4. Thorsten Ott presents Sourcebench - freelancer sites reviews posted at Sourcebench - building a better web.
  5. Scott H presents 15 Web Sites College Students Can’t Live Without posted at College and Finance, saying, “Not specifically about design, but has a great list of web sites students love, including StumbleUpon which, in terms of developing a web site, can be quite useful.”
  6. Raj Sheelvant presents Attention HR: Young workers demand Web 2.0 posted at IT Strategy, saying, “Why Web 2.0 infrastructure in corporations important to attract young talent”
  7. aquariphile presents Choosing Between YUI CSS & Blueprint By Don Albrecht‚ article Ajax Bestiary posted at Ajax Bestiary, saying, “With all the recent hype surrounding the Blueprint CSS framework, The powerful YUI framework has been lost in the noise. Both frameworks are powerful, but, which framework is right for your project?”
  8. edithyeung presents Want More Traffic? Find Out Here? posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..
  9. Amanda Harris presents Creating A Website For Your Charity posted at iBakeSale Blog.


  1. Doug Boude presents Client-Side Interactivity without Ajax posted at Doug Boude (rhymes with ‘loud’), saying, “this post has a Coldfusion approach to an Ajax alternative…”
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