PayPerPost’s Answer To The Google PageRank Issue – Real Rank

Google TShirt - Image By:dullhunkBy now you’ve all either heard or experienced first hand the blow dealt to the Page Rank of many websites by the mighty hand of Google. They are basically targeting any websites that serve links, which are not natural. This generally includes any links that have been sold on the website.

PayPerPost is one of the largest companies out there that pay bloggers to post about different things. They are generally instructed to keep their reviews relevant to their content, but sometimes bloggers stray a bit. Of course Google has made these blogs a prime target for the Page Rank drop.

The irony is that PayPerPost uses (used) the Google Page Rank as a way to quality a blog. Now that damn near all PayPerPost blogs are hit by Page Rank drop (with a lot of them dropping out right to 0). They’re going to implement their own method of blog ranking:

PayPerPosts CEO, Ted Murphy, quickly came up with a solution since PR is obsolete and no longer represents accurate data for both publishers and advertisers, they are going to develop their own trademark rank, called “RealRank, based on:

  • 70% - visitors per day

  • 20% - amount of ACTIVE inbound links per day (outgoing clicks)

  • 10% - pageviews per day

and, PPPs team are about to give birth to this totally new ranking system at midnight.

Source: RealRanks Here to Save The Low PR Bloggers Revenue []