InsaneGB Review – Free Web Server 5GB Disk Space, 20GB Bandwidth

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I can’t remember where exactly I heard about this web host, but sounded like a great deal. You can read their website for more details, but in a nutshell they got PHP 5, MySQL 4, and everything (Databases, Add-on domains, etc) is unlimited except disk space and bandwidth. They give you 5GB for disk space and 20GB on bandwidth per month. Which is great for a free host, if you ask me; heck, they even offer cron jobs.

Testing Their Setup

So I decided to give them a shot. I put up my personal blog on their server. In retrospect, maybe that wasn’t such a great idea, but I did it anyway. At first everything was great. Stuff was fast and everything was popping up instantly. There were some things that most would consider acceptable for a free host.

  • I couldn’t run any PHP ini_set commands

    So there’s no increasing running time for scripts. I guess I would live without that.

    • You can’t open/download any files from outside servers

      This I came across when trying to use some of my WordPress plugins that automatically install plugins and automatically upgrade the WordPress installation. Oh, well.

    For a savings of at least $7 a month, I guess I can install scripts and upgrade WordPress myself.

    Where They Lost Me

    So with every free host, there’s some give and take. But I just experienced some major downtime: upwards of two (2) hours.

    Oh well, sounded like a good idea at first.