Hardware Fax Solutions

Faxing is something you don’t really hear many people talking about these days. Now do you really blame them? With the advent of email, what’s really the point, right? But there’s a hybrid: there are high tech businesses that live in a world of fiber optics and T1 lines, but they also need to send and receive faxes. Are they really going to just stick a phone line in there, and slap an old school fax machine on there?

No, they’re going to hook up a Fax Server and use a Fax Over IP solution for their business. This allows something that allows unlimited users, integrates with Outlook and much more. Yeah at $4,800 a pop for the VOIP version, it’s a bit steep, but just think of sending several thousand faxes a month over a phone line.

It’s a brave new world; nice to see Fax Software stepping into the light.

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