Foundation for an Extensible Website Engine with PHP 5

When developing production sites for clients with little/no HTML experience this is a must. If your web contract does not include maintenance fees, then this is something that you simply must do in order to have your users freely update their websites. It’s a structure which is simple enough to develop and implement.

Alejandro Gervasio at DevShed writes:

Setting up the Foundation for an Extensible Website Engine with PHP 5

Building a dynamic website with a database backend is something that nearly every PHP programmer will need to do, usually sooner rather than later. If you haven’t done it yet (or even if you have), this two-part article series will show you how to develop a website engine that can generate pages on the fly from a simple database structure.

Since this is a two part series, I’m assuming that the portion on editing the database will some in the second part. But just to precede them for a minute, it can be seen that a simple backend could be designed. I would go one step further and insert HTML text into the database rather than simply text. In the backend it would be quite simple to incorporate a WYSIWYG editor such as FCKEditor of HTMLArea to allow users to edit the website easily.