Need To Find A Dentist

I guess the thing with me is that I’m just so lazy. There’s not much else to it. Even with the world wide web sitting at my finger tips damn near anytime I please, I still haven’t taken the time to do what I should have done months ago, which is to find a local Dentist.

Being in college for almost four (4) years has made me even lazier. The was only one dentist and that was in the on campus dental clinic. There was no option. You wen there once a semester for your free cleaning and if you needed any work done they’d refer you to one of about five (5) local dentists in the area.

Well after moving down here to Plano where their are tons of dentists on every block, this has made my job a bit more difficult. But after Friday, I definitely need to get one.

I was sitting in the break room at work minding my own business when a co worker popped some popcorn into the microwave. She sat and we chatted until it was done. Then the generosity hit her so she offered me some. I politely refused, but she persisted. Now I don’t like popcorn (now I remember why), but I said what the hell why not?

After a few bites I noticed the stabbing pain in my molar. Oh yeah, I popped a crown. I kind of played it off for a while until she left. Then I hopped into the bathroom and tried to deal with the situation. I poked at it for a while until it fell back in place. Afterwards I headed straight to my desk and searched for a dentist in a five (5) mile radius of my apartment, called up and made an appointment for Tuesday. Until then, I’ve been advised to do the soup thing.

It would have been great if I had Dentemp OS on Friday. That would save me some face. It would have bought me at least an hour, where I wouldn’t have to hide from people for fear of my crown slipping further out and poking out their eye.

Here’s what’s so great about this product:

  • Provides fast, temporary relief of pain and discomfort.
  • Just remove it from its plastic vial and it’s ready to use. No Mess! No Mixing! Several Applications in each vial.
  • Replaces lost fillings and may be used to temporarily cement loose crowns.
  • You can eat on it within 30 minutes of setting.
  • All products have been tested and fully comply with FDA Regulations for Oral Care.

Go ahead try it out as a quick form of temporary dental repair. You got nothing to lose.

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