Blog Theme Designers Given Up on IE 6?

Lately, I’ve decided to switch themes on a few of my blogs. So I started looking around for some themes that are nice and simple enough. I found about five (5) candidates and that were nice, simple and not too loud. To my surprise none of these themes worked in Internet Explorer 6.0. It seems that, lately, blog theme designers are saying a big old “screw you IE 6.0” and I don’t blame them.

Now, I’m having mixed emotions about this. On one hand, I’m happy that people are finally putting the nail in IE 6.0’s coffin. However, I’m slightly pissed that I can’t use these themes. I, more than anyone, should know the reasons why we should abaondon IE 6.0 and move on to better, more productive web development and enjoyment. But, the purist in me still doesn’t want to leave the poor saps who are trapped behind the veil (whether is by software contraints or ignorance) of Internet Explorer 6.0 behind.

Browser statistics show that IE 6 still maintains between 26% and 37% of the web browser market. Right now, that’s just too many people to ignore.