8 Reasons HTML Emails Hurt Marketing

Now I’m not sure how many of you bloggers and web developers out there have looked into email marketing. I personally find that the line between good email marketing and spam is a big gray blurry one so I tend to stay away from it. But for you guys who do use email consider plain text emails for the following reasons:

8 reasons why HTML emails will hurt your marketing efforts

  1. Different email clients work differently
  2. The problem with printing HTML emails
  3. Connecting your users to the Internet when they don’t intend that
  4. HTML emails load slower
  5. Security problems with HTML emails
  6. HTML emails are harder to forward
  7. More variables to measure makes it more difficult to gauge your success
  8. Do you want to maintain three lists?

One last pointer, from my personal experience, is that HTML emails may inadvertently be routed to the user’s spam folder.